Dramatic Combat



Anna Soibert & KampfART -

creative solutions for the performance of fights and violence in film, tv and stage productions

➤ KampfART - a creative way of performing fights and scenes with violent content for film, tv and stage productions.

Certainly taking into account the safety of all involved, the focus is on creating a believable performance, an illusion of fighting and violence.

Telling a sound story: for the development and realization of the choreography I always strive for cooperation with the director.

Myself an actor, I very well understand the situation of the performing artists. We will always find a to the point solution for upcoming challenges when rehearsing and performing choreography. 

Development and realization of choreography for film, tv and stage


Compound training for actors


Workshops and individual training on diverse topics i.e.:

  • Various weapons (Sword, Smallsword, Rapier&Dagger, Unarmed, Found Weapons- fighting with props)
  • Body Stunts
  • „Acting the Fight“
  • „Story Telling“ within the choreography 
  • "Presence and Partner“


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Certified Teacher for Dramatic Combat and "Actor-Combatant" with the Nordic Stage Fight Society 

Founding member/Board member of the association Berufsverband Kampfchoreografie e.V.




  • Workshops and individual training with teachers of the Nordic Stage Fight Society (NSFS) Reference: Peppe Östensson and Kristoffer Jorgensen
  • Acrobatic and Dramatic Combat training within the curriculum of the acting degree at the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (GITIS/RATI) in Moscow                                                     Reference: Vladimir Granov
  • Various Workshops, i.e. Paddy Crean, Banff, Canada

Pedagogical work

  • Acting School "Das Zerboni", Munich
  • Bayerisches Staatsschauspiel, Munich "Junges Resi"
  • Nordic Stage Fight Society

Productions (Selection)


Choreography & fight training for "Romeo and Julia" by W. Shakespeare

directed by Andreas Kloos, Langenargener Festspiele


Consultant fencing training & on Set instruction for extras
„München Laim - Laim und die Tote im Teppich“, Regie Michael Schneider
Network Movie Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbH

Training assistant for the fights in "Peter Pan" after J. M. Barrie
"Halog Aland Teater" with "Arctic Action", Tromso, Norwegen

Choreography & fight training  for „Romeo and Julia“ by W. Shakespeare

directed by Abdullah Kenan Karaca, Passionstheater Oberammergau

Choreography & fight training for „The Three Musketeers“ after A. Dumas

directed by Mathias Gerstner, Jugendkulturtage Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Choreography & fight training for „Peter Pan“ after J. M. Barrie
directed by Georg Büttel, Jugendkulturtage Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Organizing & training the Actiontheatre-Troupe „the Moving Fencers“
The first production „En Garde!“ was staged by director Vladimir Granov